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Huawei SCharger 7KS-S0 / 7.4KW/32A - 1-fase


The Huawei Fusion Charge is the ideal addition to the SUN2000 solar system. You can see all energy flows from the system and the charger in an app that is directly integrated into the network.

Charging with excess PV and automatic phase switching for even more efficiency.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the 3-step concept and the integrated earth leakage circuit breaker.



1. PV surplus charging - sustainable and stable price charging with solar energy

2. Automatic phase switching for efficient charging

3. AC + DC earth leakage circuit breaker integrated

4. Charging management - dynamic charging performance, so no risk of power outages

5. Flexible access control - Bluetooth identification via the APP and RFID cards

6. System and charger - all in one app


Version: Wall box

Charging power: 7.4 kW

Vehicle connection: Type 2 socket

Access control: RFID (2 cards included)

Mains connection: 32A, 1-phase

Communication: WiFi, Ethernet, app

Protection class: IP54

Dimensions: 335 x 180 x 145 mm (HxWxD)

Weight: 2.9kg


Warranty: 3 years

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