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Enphase Micro-omvormer IQ8HC-72-M-INT 560WP


The Enphase IQ8HC microinverter is fully equipped for a smart energy grid. The IQ8HC therefore meets the requirements of complex electricity grids with regard to voltage management and frequency decoupling. The Enphase IQ8HC can be updated remotely using the Envoy S to meet the demands of electrical grid developments. Monitoring per panel is no problem with the Envoy S Metered monitoring module.

The Enphase IQ8HC inverters are extra fire safe because they transport much lower voltages and are equipped with a rapid shutdown system using the required Q relay.

The Enphase IQ8HC microinverter has a maximum output current of 380Watt at peak times. You can connect up to 560 Watt peak without any problems, but then the number of watts generated above 380 is capped.

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