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Enphase IQ relay 1 phase


The Enphase Q relay 1 phase is the essential link to comply with the grid standards in the Netherlands and other country standards that require mechanical disconnection. Although your Enphase system already works well without this device, the Q relay is crucial to activate the mechanical disconnection of your solar panel system when the mains power fails.

The Enphase Q relay 1 phase receives switch-off values ​​from the envoy, the brain of your Enphase system. When the values ​​fall outside the standards, the relay ensures that your solar panels are safely disconnected from the grid. As soon as the values ​​are within the standards again, the relay switches everything back on, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your solar panel system.

The installation of the Enphase Q relay 1 phase is simple: place it between the cable coming from your micro-inverters and your fuse. With a maximum capacity of 20A micro-inverters, where you can connect a maximum of 4 relays per envoy, you can make optimal use of your solar panels.

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