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Enphase CT Ring - 100A Split CT


With the Enphase Splitcore Current Transformer 100A you can easily maintain control over your energy consumption at home. This reliable CT coil, with split core and accuracy of less than 1%, is designed to be used in combination with an IQ Gateway Metered. This makes measuring your energy consumption a piece of cake. Read on to find out more about the specifications and benefits of this handy consumption meter.

Accurate Measurements:
The Enphase CT coil uses split core technology, making it easy to fit around AC conductors up to 16 mm2. With a rated capacity of 100A and an error rate of less than 1%, you can be confident that measurements are accurate. This helps you better understand your energy consumption and identify any inefficiencies.

Compact and Convenient:
Measuring 40 x 26 x 27 mm, the Enphase CT coil is compact and easy to install. The 9.8mm opening makes placing around the guides an effortless task. The included 4.0m cable length allows for flexible positioning, allowing you to place the coil where it is most convenient.

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