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Daikin Stylish Air conditioning 5.0kW 1 Indoor and 1 Outdoor unit


The Daikin Emura
Daikin is the only manufacturer to have designed a wall-mounted model 'in Europe, for Europe', based on European technical guidelines and design standards, to meet customer needs. Daikin is proud that the Daikin Emura has won several awards.

- A remarkable combination of minimalist design and unsurpassed technology
- Stylish design in matte crystal white and silver.
- Whisper-quiet operation with a noise level reduced by up to 19 dB(A).
- Horizontal and vertical auto swing.
- Weekly timer.
- Connectable to (Multi-)split and Mini-VRV.
- Online controller: always everything under control, wherever you are.

Higher energy efficiency
Seasonal efficiency provides a more realistic indication of the energy efficiency of air conditioners over an entire heating or cooling season. The label consists of several classifications, from A+++ to G. Daikin Emura achieves maximum energy efficiency:

- SEER to A+++
- SCOP up to A++

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